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PREGEL Square Flat Brush RP

PREGEL Square Flat Brush RP

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PREGEL Round Paint Brush SP-RP
Easy to use from nuance art to flat art!
The art brush that is moderately thin and can handle extra-thick ~ ultra-fine lines depending on how it is used, just like a brush pen.
It can be used almighty for a variety of art.

The popular PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) nylon bristles that are easy to put together and can be operated evenly.
Compared to ordinary nylon brushes, it is a strong material, so it has moderate firmness and flexibility, and the higher the quality of the brush, the easier it is to apply.

Product specification
Total length: apx~ 161mm
Brush tip length: apx~ 12mm
Brush tip width: apx~ 2.5mm
come with cap.
Material: PBT

* All nail brushes are made by hand, so there are some individual differences.
* For normal care, wipe gently with a dry cloth.
If it is particularly dirty, wipe it off with a brush cleaner, nail prep, ethanol.
* Do not use with products containing organic solvents as the paint may peel off.
* Keep out of reach of infants, in direct sunlight, and in places with high temperatures.

* Use with caution to avoid injury. Do not use items that are damaged, deformed, or have burrs.

Product Number: SP-RP

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